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Going beyond traditional and popular gifting ideas, we at Touchstone strive to redefine the way gifts are chosen and presented. Before suggesting a gifting idea, we pay very careful attention to the theme, idea and essence behind the requirement or the occasion. It is only after careful evaluation that we present an idea in accordance with the requirements of our clients. To be able to comprehend this philosophy better, we have put together some real life case studies where we have been able to assist our clients with truly innovative and refreshing merchandise that have had a magnifying effect on the thoughts behind gifting.

Gold Foil Rose
Client: A High Net-Worth Individual | Daughter’s Engagement Invitation Gift

A Royal Signature! Yes, that is what one of the affluent families wanted to put on each souvenir being given to their esteemed invitees for their daughter's engagement ceremony. The ceremony had a theme of roses, everything from the decor to the invites reflected the theme. After very careful thought and research, Touchstone gave a truly befitting company to the invitation cards: Immaculate replicas of roses in pure 24 Karat Gold Foil! And these went out to the guests packed in boxes customised with the wedding emblem. The guests and the hosts were swept away alike by the novelty and the truly royal touch given to the invites.

Gold Rose

Miniature Gramophone
Client: Wipro Technologies | World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

The Annual Davos Business Convention is undeniably the most talked about and closely followed convergence of businesses from across the globe. Wipro is one of the highly respected Indian corporations that hold a very important and crucial place in the event every year. Hence, when Wipro selected Touchstone as its gifting partner for their esteemed clients at the Davos Convention of 2011, we were entrusted with the responsibility of creating an exclusive and innovative idea for an invite, ‘Bollywood Night’, which was hosted by Wipro for its clients and would be apt for the spirit of the event. A Miniature Gramophone that went out as a souvenir with the invitation related extremely well with the occasion as well as the singularity of brand Wipro.

                Miniature Gramaphone

Vintage Microphone
Client: Wipro Technologies | World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

For the second year in a row, Touchstone was given the opportunity of providing exclusive gifting idea to Wipro for the World Economic Forum Annual Meet at Davos in January 2012. Wipro had organized an exclusive ‘Bollywood Night’ for its esteemed clientele and the invites for the special evening went out with a piece of this Vintage Microphone that symbolizes timelessness vibrancy.


Silver Currency Note
Client: Citibank | Exclusive Diwali Gifts for their Privileged Clients

The festival of Diwali, signifies the onset of prosperity and well-being. In the Indian financial world Diwali also coincides with a new business year where it ushers hopes of success. Citibank approached Touchstone for selecting the right Diwali gift for their High Net Worth Clients, Touchstone proposed a Citi Customized Silver Currency, a note of Rs. 1000. This symbolized investing wealth, value and credibility with Citibank.

Silver Note 

Client: Hitachi Data Systems | 10th Year Anniversary Souvenirs

Celebration of a milestone, long term commitment and vision. These were the thoughts which Hitachi Data Systems wanted to imbibe in their souvenirs going out to their most important business partners on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary Celebrations. A Telescope which is antique in nature and helps us see across great distances was just the right gift that could express these values for them.


Flicker Lamps
Client: Unplugged India | Diwali Gifts for their Privileged Clientele

Diwali, the festival of lights, is best celebrated with varieties of illumination! Beautifully designed Flicker Lamps with artistic and abstract shapes were very well received by Unplugged India’s clients.

Flicker Candles

Gemstone Paintings
Client: HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd. | Unique New Year Souvenirs

Marvelous, yet unfortunately a dying art form. Gemstone Paintings are one of the best examples of India’s rich cultural heritage. HDFC Mutual Fund, one of India’s leading Asset Management Companies wanted an exclusive, rare and exceptional gift for their Super HNI Investors. Our proposal for Gemstone Paintings with the history of this genre of art was well received and widely appreciated by their clients.

 Horse 3 faces

Magic Mugs
Client: Pipavav Defence & Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd. | Souvenirs for Business Partners

Pipavav, one of India’s foremost private shipbuilding companies, had a requirement for an exclusive souvenir for their esteemed clients and business partners to celebrate the unveiling of their first shipbuilding facility. The challenge here was to highlight the occasion through a merchandise that is not exorbitant in value but yet exclusive in nature. After careful consultation with their marketing team, we made customized Magic Mugs for them that unveiled the image of their shipyard when a warm liquid was poured into them. The idea was very well appreciated by their target audience.

 Magic Mugs

Caricature T-Shirts
Client: Wipro Technologies | Employee Engagement Offsite

Every individual has a lighter side of their personality which is not always visible to the outside world. Wipro was keen that their employees get an opportunity to display their lighter alter ego to the world and so we did some interesting Caricature T-Shirts for them with their individual caricatures and their hobbies, made by a professional artist with permanent ink. The Wipro team was very pleased and excited with the novelty of the idea.


3D Defence Ship - USB Flash Drive
Client: Pipavav Defence & Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd. | Souvenirs for Defence Expo 2012

The Defence Expo 2012 held in New Delhi had a large number of Indian and foreign delegates as guests. Pipavav wanted to ensure that their souvenirs Must be something out of the box, reflects their brand, business and at the same time is simple. Our solution to them was a USB Flash Drive that was carved out in the shape of a Defence Ship with Pipavav’s Logo engraved on it. Their clients were impressed to see such breakthrough merchandise.

 Pipavav USB

Brass BSE Bull
Client: HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd. | Unique New Year Souvenirs

The investment markets across the world are always in love with the Bull. This creature has become an icon of wealth and appreciation at the stock markets. HDFC Mutual Fund team was very happy to see the solid brass bull as a gifting idea for their business partners since it connected to their requirement of merchandise which is seen as a mark of good fortune and success.

Brass Bull

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