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Of the innumerable things that India has shown and taught the world, celebrating occasions or festivals is probably the most significant. The sheer style, décor, celebration and grandeur of Indian events especially the stunning weddings continue to astonish the world. Touchstone believes such a legacy must be upheld and offers a wide range of Private Event Services for your family and loved ones.

Given below are some of the most commonly organised private events and the services we offer for each one of them:

1. Touchstone Weddings & Affiliated Events

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A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important and special occasion in anybody’s life. But the amount of planning, management and hard work required for a grand wedding makes it quite an overwhelming experience. Touchstone helps you with all and more of the following services for that special wedding so that you can relax and cherish the celebration while we do all that is necessary to create: Bonding Moments, Unbound Celebrations!!

  • Invitations & its Logistics
  • Guest Reception
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Wedding Venue & Hotel Bookings
  • Décor: Themes, Floral Arrangements, Stage Set Up
  • Car (or) Mare Decorations (or) Other Options
  • Bridal: Make-Up, Bouquet, Outfits
  • Catering
  • Acoustics & Display Arrangements
  • Videographer & Photographer
  • Lighting Arrangements
  • Entertainment: Live Music, DJ, Dance Troupes, Various Acts, Dance Floors, Emcee, Celebrity Appearances or Performances, Other Options
  • Honeymoon Arrangements

2. Touchstone Birthdays

Touchstone Birthdays Logo

A birthday is that one special event in the life of every child that is waited upon with excitement in abundance. ‘Touchstone Birthdays’ is an initiative by our team that aims to provide a new dimension in the manner birthdays are conventionally celebrated and ensure it is an unforgettable experience. We look forward to Celebrating Your Child’s Birth – ‘Right’!!

  • Invitations & its Logistics
  • Venue Bookings & Set Up
  • Décor: Themes, Stage Set Up, Balloon Arrangements
  • Catering
  • Special Customised Cakes
  • Acoustics & Display Arrangements
  • Videographer & Photographer
  • Lighting Arrangements
  • Entertainment: Artists, Stalls, Game Activities, DJ, Emcee, Other Options
  • Return Gifts

These and more services can be offered to varied events such as:

  • Engagement Events
  • Musical Nights (or) Musical Events
  • Get Togethers
  • Speciality Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Religious Events
  • Bachelors’ & Hen Parties
  • Sport Events
  • Funerals and so on..

Beyond the above list, we also organise any event as per your requirement and specifications.
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